What Magic: The Gathering does for the community

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You know what? magic. Magic: the gathering. For most, it is just a game, but for some like my self, it helps fill a need.

Everything you can do with magic

there is the obvious options. But it brings people together as well. When you sit down at the table for Friday night magic you are making a new friend. Conflicting with each other, the back and forth, the to and fro. Its why the games were made! other than making wizards of the coast rich of course. But hey, why not have both I say, if they keep m making money, they keep making cards.

But what is it all for?

why keep playing? its all the same, new cards with the old game. But that’s the point isn’t it?! the game is a story after all, and each time you play you are making a new story with new cards. You the teller and its a world of you creation. New cards are like a new book.

What do you think?

what does it mean to you? how do you perceive the wonders of the multiverse that you travel alongside with the most powerful mages there is. I am just one person, with one opinion. I need the masses thoughts on everything.





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