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OK guys and girls. First I want to tell you about all the sets that are in magic: the gathering, or magic for short, and help you to know just how extensive this game really is. so there is are many sets but for this post im going to focus on just the core sets.

Total number of core sets

counting from the very beginning to today there are 18 current sets out, with the next being planned for July 13th 2018. The first set was called limited edition alpha. It was released in 1993 with a total of 295 cards. With this release of magic, it started one of the biggest trends in the world, . tcg, or trading card games. Of course that’s to say the first “modern” trading card game.

All the sets

you know about limited edition alpha, but here is the rest. The second to come was limited edition beta, with 302 cards in it. Next came unlimited edition, also with 302 cards in it. After that was revised edition that had 306 cards in it. Next was fourth edition that had 378 cards. Then came the fifth edition with the most cards released then any other so far, coming in at 449 total cards in it. After was called, classic sixth edition that has 350 cards in it. Next was the seventh edition at 350, the eighth at 357, the ninth at 359 and the tenth came in at 383. After that it became pretty basic for a while. Magic 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 all had 249 cards in them. The magic 2015 had 469 cards, and after they finally gave a new name. Next was magic origins that had 272 cards.

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