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Hello everyone! welcome to magic.com, everything magic the gathering! here I will help out new players with, learning the basics, all the simpler parts of the game. As you go along it will get more complicated but it is worth it. it’s not the most popular trading card game for nothing!


when I first learned about magic I had no interest. I mean I was 12 and it seemed a little to complicated to me. But as I got older I saw others playing it and I noticed one thing. The pictures. The pictures stood out to me so much that it was enough to spark my interest. I started learning when I went away to trade school and it was everything their. I was taught by dozens of people from different states. While rules are rules, everyone has their own take on how the game can be played. needless to say it took awhile. Years even. But that’s why I am making this site right here.


see, with the years it took me to learn I was always a little out-of-date. Having to go by ear from other people. Cause lets face it, the basic rules don’t explain what infect does, let alone the dozens of other status buffs and effects their are. if I could help you to learn it all 10 times faster than I will. And when you’re playing a game and you and your friend get into an argument then use this site, it will help avoid so many fights.


my goal? that should be simple but I am not so sure that’s the end of it. I want to help everyone know how to play to the best of their ability. This game is more strategy then anything. So to start I am going to teach you how to play, help you along the way with any questions you might have. And to do that I am going to open my email up to anyone who has questions! I will post on everything I know, from strategy, deck layouts and the different options to run your deck.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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